I'm not sure who had more fun last night - the crowd or the performers!

Either way, w00tstock 2.0 in Seattle last night was oh, so very awesome!  I had taken Marty to a Mythbusters night last year which he enjoyed, so I coaxed him into going with the promise that Adam Savage (@donttrythis) would at least be someone he would enjoy.  Turns out, he enjoyed a lot more than that.  AND Adam showed Marty's favorite video clip of all time - a drunken Adam running on (and falling off) a treadmill in super slow motion.

Wil Wheaton's (@wilw) reading was awesome - I always enjoy hearing authors read their own stuff, you get so much more of the depth of the writing.  All of his other various appearances throughout the night were very fun as well.  Trolololo, anyone?

Stephen Toulouse (@stepto) - HILARIOUS!  The only thing missing was them hitting themselves in the head with tablets as they left the stage a la Holy Grail.  That's all I'm going to say - the rest you'll have to watch on YouTube.

Adam was great and the behind the scenes Mythbusters stuff was priceless! - video

Paul and Storm (@paulandstorm) did a great set to end the night.  After having performed "Opening Band" to start the show, they did "Mother's Day Song", "Frogger! The Frogger the Musical", "Nugget Man", "Nun Fight", and (of course!) "The Captain's Wife's Lament" with Wil and Adam joining them on stage.  Arr!

Their reactionary tweets have been fun to read - I need to go back and compile them before they start getting all excited about doing Portland tonight and I get too jealous.


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