I'm just as shocked as most people at how all the information regarding Tiger Woods' personal life has exploded since the "car accident" happened.  What I don't understand is how this is (SADLY) any different than the loads of athletes, musicians, politicians, et al. who have made "transgressions" while married.  I absolutely do not support any of these guys (and yes, it typically is guys) in what they are doing to the state of their marriages - I can't imagine what these wives are going through - but the HGH accusations mean a bit more to me at the moment.  Yes, Tiger was the golden one, but he made a personal mistake that he has to live with.  The HGH would be a knock on his performance as an athlete, and that's the only "public" part of this whole thing.

In a fantasy world, humans would be monogamous when they are married.  I'm one of those people who believes that monogamy is how the world works for me, but have become a bit jaded when it comes to the lack of respect some people show their spouses.

The crazy part is how these "other women" are coming out more now than they used to.  Can't say whomever it was who gave Magic Johnson HIV came out and admitted it back in the day.  But Magic did admit that he'd made his own "transgressions" and the world moved on.  I won't even start getting into all the others who are now in this pathetic category.

Transgressions happen - I just hope for the health of my husband that transgressions don't happen to me.  *wink*

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