Between all the hype surrounding the elections in the US yesterday, the SF Giants winning the World Series (congrats Tim Lincecum - local guy!), and the delay of the shuttle launch from Monday to tomorrow (hopefully), there's not a tremendous amount of ground that hasn't already been covered and beaten into the ground around the interwebs.

I do have to report in that my girls' desire to be a construction crane and concrete mixer was successful over the Halloween weekend.
They had a great time going trick-or-treating in their costumes and big sister as a construction foreman helped out with ringing doorbells or knocking since their arms had limited reach.  She was also good for reminding them to say "thank you" and was quite agreeable to helping since she knew we wouldn't let her go trick-or-treating otherwise.

I do have to say that there was a lot of agony trying to figure out how to make their costume ideas work, but a lot of fun once I got a plan and got going.

My original idea for the concrete mixer drum was to get a large balloon and paper mache, but I ended up going with a paper lantern that I got at an Asian gifts store and that worked quite well.

It did help tremendously that they were quite excited at the process and the finished product.  Positive reinforcement for Mommy!

All-in-all it was a successful costume creation, though I have no intention of letting them pick such bulky costumes again.  Talk about a traffic jam at doorways!

Any fun Halloween stories out there?

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