It’s Wednesday and time again for me to post a weekly rambling.  I’ve got a fairly good list of topics piling up, but this week I thought I’d laugh at some Sarah Palin quotes that I read while reading about the fabricated controversy about building an Islamic community center a few blocks away from the site of the former World Trade Centers in New York.

I’m starting to wonder if Sarah Palin is just a really convincing Stephen Colbert character?  She calls out the ultra-conservative movement issues to show how absurd they are and bring people to realize they are more moderate in their views than they thought.

"We have a President, perhaps for the very first time since the founding of our republic, who doesn't appear to believe that America is the greatest earthly force for good the world has ever known." --Facebook note, June 30, 2010

Well I should certainly hope he thinks so.  That’s a bit egotistical of a statement to make.  Yes, America is a great place to live.  Yes, America has had a huge impact on the world – for better or for worse – since its founding.  But no, we absolutely cannot say that we are an “earthly force for good” when there are people who live here that demonstrate consistently that humans are flawed creatures.  We have violence and intolerance.  We have poor support for new families when they need time off of work.  We live in a global climate and for as wonderful as America is, I think we’ve fallen a few steps in the last 10 years – and having that perspective keeps us on track to aspire to be better as Americans and as humans.

"I think it's appalling and a violation of our freedom of the press." —On negative media coverage of Republican congressional candidate Vaughn Ward, Boise, Idaho, May 21, 2010

Wait, what?  I don’t even know what negative media coverage that guy got, but excuse me?  I do believe that freedom of the press includes all speech, not just what Sarah Palin agrees with.

On the proposed Islamic community center near Ground Zero: "We all know that they have the right to do it, but should they?"  OF COURSE THEY SHOULD.  We are a country founded on the freedom of religion and the separation of church and state – Obama’s statements in response to her questions have been very appropriate.  We can’t dictate what religions are okay and where they can practice.  And the community center can’t even been seen from Ground Zero, so they’re only playing this up because they want to rally their herd to follow blindly on another non-issue.

I know I’m a “left coast” person, but c’mon – there has been Islamic prayer sites around the World Trade Center since before there WAS a World Trade Center.  There are MANY religious centers in that area – with quite a few closer to the “Ground Zero” site than the planned Park 51.   And you know what?  If the site of the World Trade Center is such hallowed ground, why are there strip clubs and gambling establishments close to it?

You know what Sarah?  I was also brought up in the public school system and went to a public state university, but there’s one thing that apparently got missed along your educational journey – tolerance and diversity.

By the way, after all my musing over this subject for the past week or so that it’s been “news,” Keith Olbermann comes out and makes a great statement on the absurdity of it all.  I won’t re-state any of his comments, but it does call out how this is a silly witch hunt using hot button topics.

The Colbert nation should be worried - the Palin herd is coming and they don't know that it's supposed to be tongue-in-cheek.


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