I was quite excited when I found out The Pioneer Woman was going on a spring cookbook tour and including Seattle.  I'd finally get to meet a blogging queen!  (I sadly missed Jen Yates on her Cake Wrecks tour last year).  So I put the date on my calendar, told my hubby that I was going and it wasn't an option and set out to meet Ree.  I, however, did not know that tickets were handed out starting April 1st for the April 17th event, so I was a bit further back in line than I would have liked, but I was IN LINE!  This was the woman that had roped me in with her Black Heels to Tractor Wheels story that I read almost continuously from start to finish (it took 2 days, yes I read it while at work).

After 4 1/2 hours, I had a chance to say hello to MM's mom who was wandering the bookstore.  May I just say that I would LOVE to age as gracefully as MM's mom.   Her oldest daughter was also wandering around and she's very sweet as well.

I finally got to the front of the line after more than 5 hours of waiting around for my turn and do I tell her my funny story about my Dad saying that I could go to U$C as long as he got to buy me a gun first?  (He's a big UCLA fan)  Do I even tell her "Welcome to Seattle"?  Nope.. I'm the shy engineer-type who smiles and says "Hi, I have a camera."  And get my picture taken with her.  *facepalm*

But I DO have my picture taken with her, so there's that.  Next time maybe I'll show that I have social skills (though I don't in the real world, so I'm not sure how well that plan will work).

I guess I can say it now..  "Welcome to Seattle, Ree!"

05/06/2010 02:04

So exciting that you got to meet PW! :)

What did you end up doing to boost your Vitamin D levels? I live in the Seattle area as well...


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