I am one of the amazed ones at the reaction to Obama bowing to the Emperor of Japan.  It's called a culturally appropriate sign of respect to another world leader.  What's the problem?  So what if he combined it with the typical American greeting of shaking hands.  It shows that both leaders can respect each other's cultural traditions.

I thought Stephen Colbert's Twitter post was great:  did you know a gesture can have two meanings? i.e. in japan bowing is a sign of respect but in the U.S. it's a sign of a weak president

Even the State Department has a policy that says to respect the culture of the country you're in when giving greetings.  Per AP article:  In an online State Department posting from 2007 titled "Protocol for the Modern Diplomat," envoys are advised to be aware of greeting rituals such as kisses, handshakes or bows and to follow a country's tradition.

So to anyone who was offended at Obama bowing to another world leader - go take a nap and chill out.  And please let those of us who are aware and respectful of other countries' customs be the ones who truly represent our country to the world.

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