Now that geek culture is more mainstream, does that mean that geeks growing up are more mainstream?  Having grown up amongst geeks as "fringe" kids, it doesn't make sense to me now that just because it's cooler to be a geek as an adult, it's any easier to be one as a kid.  Socially awkward doesn't change just because people are more aware of it now.

One example: shows like Big Bang Theory make it cool to understand geek references (like D&D or Magic: The Gathering).  But back to my question - does having a sense of humor about what makes geeks so endearing hold true in the middle school set?  Not sure how to ask my 6th grade daughter that without it being an overly loaded question.  Maybe people laugh with geeks more than at them now?

If there had been w00tstock back in 1987, would it have been as popular as it is now?  ComicCon (San Diego) has exploded in recent years as Hollywood realizes there is money to be made from the geek tribe.  Does having a larger circle of acceptance via the internet help give confidence and hope to geeks everywhere?  And if geeks are more mainstream growing up through the truly awkward times of life, then who is in the fringe group now?  I want to make sure I put my money on them for being cool in 15 years.

And then I realize that geeks being cool is probably a matter of perspective and it's just me thinking it's that way rather than any sort of cultural fact.  *facepalm*

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