I have an opportunity to fly to Anchorage to interview for a job up there and I'm going tomorrow evening to interview on Thursday.  I've been to Alaska, but it's been 17 years and it was only as far north as Glacier Bay - hardly a scratch.  Everyone I've talked to thinks we'll love Anchorage since we enjoy hiking and outdoor activities.  My brother-in-law even mentioned making sure that we budget for at least one week per winter to fly down to sunshine.

I'm excited at the prospect of moving to Anchorage, now I just have to make sure I do it for the right reasons.  This is one of those times when I feel like I'll be interviewing them more than they'll be interviewing me.

My biggest hesitation is the fact that I'm already 1,000 miles from my mom and adding 1,400 flight miles (almost twice that to drive) isn't going to help when it comes to assisting my mom if she needs me.  But first!  I have to get to the interview and see if it is a beneficial setup for both myself and my prospective employer.  Should be interesting!

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