After posting last week about hoping the momentum from Egypt's peaceful revolution would be able to topple other oppressive governments around North Africa and the Middle East, we're now getting reports about the violence that the current leaders are using against their unarmed citizens to stop the protests - and it's not working!  Libya seems to be the worst at the moment with over 200 killed, but it's also looking like the violence is turning some of the security forces against their leaders since they don't want to shoot at their fellow countrymen (and women).  If Egypt can go (relatively) peacefully and Libya can manage it even with violence, then I think the other countries have a really good chance at being able to keep their voices sounding together to get their demands met.  Whether it's removing a leader or just changing laws for greater freedoms, I think Mubarak is coming out looking better than Gadhafi in terms of how they've treated their people.  It remains to be seen if it will continue this way.

I've even heard stories now of attempts at a revolution in China, but I think that one will be much more difficult with the restrictions the government has on the people and their daily life already.  It's always amazing to see what strength people can have when they truly believe in their cause - whether it's religious, political, or any other.  Whether used for "good" or not, passionate people working together can certainly achieve a lot.
So I've been MIA for two months, but the holidays got crazy and I got a little busy getting stuck on business trips in Missouri blizzards to worry about my little corner of the web here.  But I'm back and I'll try to get back to my weekly musings again...  Big news is that my oldest daughter turns 13 today - a little strange, but considering she's been playing the part for quite some time now, it's not going to be a big stretch for her to be a teenager.

I do have to say that I've been very interested in what has been going on across North Africa and into the Middle East - I don't always know the in's and out's of a particular country's politics, but to see such a passionate crowd as they had in Egypt actually be able to come together and affect change was amazing.  Hopefully others can do the same in countries where it is needed.  Everyone should have basic freedoms and representation.

Beginning one month ago, Tunisia and Egypt brought about the removal of their leaders and now Jordan, Iran, Yemen, Algeria, Bahrain, and I’m sure a couple others that I haven’t seen listed in the American media reports are trying to take a stand as well to show their discontent with the current state of leadership and a host of other injustices.  I do hope that the revolution can re-ignite in Iran to finish what the people tried to start after the elections in 2009.  I fully understand trying to keep people safe, but you can’t keep them quiet forever and the excuse is wearing thin.

Hopefully the internet can continue to assist the under-represented in coming together for peaceful demonstrations and get the word out that they’re not going home again until change happens.  I hope the success in Egypt gives them strength to continue to do what they know is right.