My local gas station recently decided to upgrade their drive-thru espresso stand.  And last week it was revealed that it wasn't an ordinary upgrade, it was to make it into an espresso stand with bikini baristas.    This particular gas station is located right next to a major city park and a troubled youth center.  Wow... there's a good choice.

The owner of the coffee stand claims that he considered these facts when he didn't put a window on the park side of the stand.  Neglecting to mention that to offset this loss, he put larger windows on the other sides - so when I walk on the sidewalk with my kids to get to the park, they can clearly see in.

Please note that I do not fault any of the ladies for working there (as long as they don't take extra payment for baring more or being touched which has been reported at other local stands).  It's no different than working at Hooters and making a few extra bucks by using their sexuality.  I get that.  What I don't get is the gas station owner's decision to locate it there.

There is another other bikini barista stand just as close to my house, but in a commerical area of the neighborhood, not a residential one - I didn't even know it was there until recently because they've done a good job at being located in a more appropriate place and not having large windows visible from the street (or from half the gas pumps either).  I'm not saying that all bikini barista stands need to go away, but the City should be able to have more control over where these stands are located.

The last day I used that gas station was the day the sign went up for the upgraded espresso stand.  It is a station I have used since 2002, but I will not go there again until the baristas wear regular clothes - it's 30 degrees outside, they should be wearing clothes!  ;)

*Edit 12/16/09:  My husband just informed me that the owner of the gas station put pressure on the espresso stand owner and the bikinis are now gone.  I think I'll wait to make sure it stays that way before heading back to those gas pumps. *

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