I just read an article about how the federal government is debating about banning peanuts on commercial airlines.  I can understand that it would help people with peanut allergies, but it's fairly standard for me to have PB&J's when I travel.  I have small children who eat a lot of "P-Jellies." 

I'm totally fine with requesting the airlines to not distribute peanuts, but from the wording, it almost sounds like they'd ban them entirely and have a "peanut-free zone" like they do in classrooms now.  Please don't take away peanuts from the passengers, it's not something like cigarette smoke that can drift.  I bring it, I eat it, I clean up after myself.  I'm not going to smear peanut oil all over the tray and seats, but I think it's a slippery slope for all the other nut allergies - I know more people allergic to almonds than to peanuts.

My husband is allergic to animals, and yet he can travel just fine even with small pets in the main cabin.  It's like any allergy - you just have to come prepared.  He's also allergic to apples and pitted fruits, so it would be great if no one brought fresh apples on the plane to eat either.  I understand it's tough for parents of kids with the peanut allergy - my oldest had an apple juice concentrate allergy for many years; do you realize how many drinks have apple juice as filler? - but let's not make it any tougher for the rest of the parents than it has to be.  There's already
After all the fuss of being unemployed for a few weeks, I've now been at my new job for over a week.  It's a bit further from home than I would like, but it's work that I'd like to do, so I took it.

As a follow-up to my Anchorage post, I went and had my interview and wandered around town.  The weather was great (better than home!) and it's a great city... however, the job wasn't quite what I was looking for in something that would have caused me to displace my family so far (and the pay wasn't as good).  I'm sure my mom was the most relieved of anyone to hear that I had declined the job.

Of course now I'm gone from home almost 12 hours a day, 5 days per week, but it's only temporary until the work load dies down and I learn the in's and out's of the new place.