Mark McGwire finally admitted that he used steroids in the 90's including in 1998 when he hit the single season home run record.  It's not a huge surprise given some of the info put out in recent years, but I really hope he understands how many kids followed him before/during/after he started using.  I didn't like the "Bash Brothers" of the Oakland A's because I thought Jose Canseco was a jerk, but I did like Mark McGwire and played first base for many years looking up to him.  I stopped playing softball in 1993 which was the year he started taking 'roids, so at least I was following him more closely during his "clean" years.  But I was happy for him in 1998 and thought for a while that he should still be able to get in the Hall of Fame.  Not sure where his place in baseball history is now... but it probably won't be in Cooperstown.