I realized I haven't been writing much about the twins on my blog lately.  They're very much enjoying life as 4-year-olds, figuring out the way that the world works and making sure the world stays the way they think it should be.  We're constantly asked "we're still 4?" by both girls ever since their birthday a month ago.

This weekend I had the opportunity to take them to the Wilcox egg farm for a look around the farm museums, a tour of the farm while riding on a tractor-pulled wagon, a fresh omelet, and they were also able to ring the schoolhouse bell.  High times for a preschooler!  They enjoyed seeing the free-range chickens as well as sitting on the hay bales for the tour around the farm.

Since I now work more than full-time with a long commute, I haven’t been able to do as much with them lately outside of tucking them into bed at night.  This farm tour was a way for me to take them out again and give their dad a good block of time to himself – he even got to take a nap while we were gone, the basic need for any parent of young twins.  :)  The other reason I wanted to spend the extra energy time with them was because I’ll be leaving early on Wednesday morning for a business trip to the Mid West and won’t be back until Friday afternoon.

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